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MapMart Mobile Satellite Imagery Search App

Email: MapMartInformation@harris.com
or call 303-759-5050 Option 2

WorldView-2 Imagery

MapMart Mobile

MapMart Mobile is an application that allows a user to very quickly search for commercially available satellite imagery for any area on earth. With a few taps of the finger, a user can define an area, see the available options and send a request to the MapMart Mobile Support Team and expect a response within one business day.

The imagery search for any area includes scanning the archives of a wide variety of satellite sensors including:

• Pleiades 1A • IKONOS
• Pleiades 1B • KOMPSAT 2
• WorldView 2 • The RapidEye Constellation from BlackBridge
• GeoEye 1 • SPOT 5
• WorldView 1 • SPOT 4
• SPOT 6 • SPOT 3
• QuickBird • SPOT 1

A user can also follow-up with any request by calling 1-866-499-6277 or emailing at MapMartInformation@harris.com if information is needed more urgently..

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