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Photographic Lab Services

Harris MapMart Photographic Lab Services
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IntraSearch has a full service aerial photo laboratory specializing in the following services:
  • Color aerial 9" x 9" contact photographs and color film diapositives for mapping and high resolution scanning are printed utilizing Mark IV LogE contact printers with full dodging capabilities.
  • Black and white (B/W) 9" x 9" contact photographs and film diapositives printed using the latest Electronic Photo Control technology with variable high light, shadow and midtone dodging controls.
  • Seamless digital color and b/w mosaic composites generated from high resolution 9" x 9" scans. Ortho-rectification services available.
  • Output available on CD's and or photographic enlargements generated from Kodak LVT digital negatives.
  • Color and B/W photographic enlargements up to 40" x 80" processed in Kreonite Rapid Access processors. Enlargements printed with a Durst 1000 Watt CLS 1840 horizontal enlarger.
  • Full reproduction capabilities utilizing a Brown 30" overhead copy camera system with blow back enlargement capabilities. Reproduction settings are programmed to yield accuracies within.005 inches.
  • Enlargements up to 58"x90" are created with an HP-5000 ink jet plotter.

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