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IntraSearch, Inc. is a full service mapping company, headquartered in Denver, Colorado. IntraSearch began in 1951 as a geological consulting company for oil, gas, and mineral related companies. The company broadened its scope to include a wide range of services for federal, county, and municipal governments, as well as energy, engineering, telecommunications and utilities.

Library Inventory

A leader in the production of detailed structural and stratigraphic surface geologic mapping in the Western United States, the company owns over one million square miles of photography and geologic mapping. Below is a listing of currently archived and available film and mapping offered for sale.

  • Geobase Mapping 1:48,000 - 612,000 sq miles*
  • Geological Mapping 1:24,000 - 211,000 sq miles*
  • Geological Mexico Satellite Mapping - 160,000 sq miles*
  • Total Square Miles of Mapping – 983,000*
  • Aerial Film Library - 350,000 sq miles*
* - Approximately

To support the detailed geological mapping program, IntraSearch has in its archive, approximately 1600 rolls of full stereo color photography collected from 1968 to present. The majority of the archive is low level 1:24,000 color film.

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