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Environmental Mapping

Harris MapMart Environmental Mapping Services
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Using aerial photography and other data sources, IntraSearch helps clients identify and estimate the nature and extent of historic and current environmental site conditions and problems. From this information, we estimate quantities of waste materials, detect buried wastes, identify changes over time in mine drainage patterns, and delineate stressed vegetation resulting from surface contamination. Monitoring the health of the environment, changes in land use and the impacts of human settlement are ideal applications for our aerial and satellite imagery and can be an integral tool for policy makers, regulatory agencies and conservation groups.

Agriculture: Large scale agriculture increasingly relies on geospatial technology to monitor production and improve capacity and yield. Satellite imagery enables farmers to assess the health of entire fields and orchards and then to direct actions on the ground.

Forestry: Satellite imagery and remote sensing analyses, along with geospatial information help analyze, assess, and manage forest conditions and activities.

Water Resource Management: River basins, aquifers and other water sources are often shared between countries, states, provinces or local municipalities. Global imagery helps provide assistance for collaborative planning and governance for water resource management.

Insurance: Before and after imagery of a disrupted area enables insurance companies to plan aid in support of their customers. Before a disaster, imagery is a valuable base layer to evaluate risk factors and establish burden formulas and tables to establish policy pricing for demographic areas.

Flood Management: Imagery & digital elevation data help provide quick initial assessment and chart critical details such as floodwater zones, coastlines, river banks and vulnerable topography.

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