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MapMart On-Demand™

MapMart On-Demand allows our clients to access imagery with client-side GIS and CAD software and WMS as a web service through the internet or within the organization via their intranet. The hosted solution is designed to eliminate the many problems associated with handling, organizing, sharing, and accessing terabytes of digital imagery that businesses and government agencies need for their every day work environment. Because imagery is organized, ingested, and maintained by MapMart®, there is a significant cost savings to subscribers of MapMart On-Demand for image acquisition, organization, and information technology management.

At the heart of our hosting service is a proprietary, custom-created data ordering system. This web portal is designed to allow customers to find and order existing imagery or to order new aerial or satellite imagery. The interface is similar to the online ordering system of MapMart® but is custom-designed for seamless integration with the MapMart On-Demand Image Server.

Product Name

Available preloaded datasets include worldwide satellite imagery, mapping and digital elevation models as well as 1 meter to ½ foot color imagery and USGS topographic mapping covering the United States.

MapMart On-Site™

MapMart understands that for security reasons some organizations may want, or be required, to maintain their geospatial imagery archives behind their own firewall. For these customers we have developed MapMart On-Site, a plug-and-play solution that runs on the customer’s server and network.

Clients can also purchase the ArcGIS Image Server from MapMart and leverage our expert installation, training and support.

Features and Benefits of MapMart On-Demand:

Dramatically reduces the cost of maintaining an imagery and geospatial data library:
  • Minimizes internal management requirements
  • No hardware or software capital expenditures
  • Frees up network storage space
  • Provides central repository for all in-house geospatial data
  • Delivers data in the format and area you need
Improves and simplifies management:
  • Provides, maintains and manages associated metadata
  • Eliminates data redundancy “or buying more data than you need”
  • Requires no integration with in-house IT infrastructure
  • Online ordering of existing MapMart imagery or scheduling new acquisitions
Designed for the Enterprise:
  • Scalable as your department or enterprise needs to grow
  • Size and amount of data has no impact on speed or performance
  • Easy distribution and access to all imagery from any office or field location
  • Easy access to most existing US and World GIS data
  • Supports non-technical personnel