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Custom Industry Solutions

Contrast and Color Balancing

There are many environmental factors or atmospheric conditions that can affect the quality of imagery captured via satellite. Haze, poor light, fog, glare, and pollution, are examples of these conditions which can obscure the imagery between the sensor and the ground. MapMart routinely balances the color bands and tones of satellite imagery to correct for these interferences to bring forth the best of every image band and delivery the clearest and most aesthetically-pleasing imagery.

Cloud Patching

Satellites orbit well above our atmosphere allowing the possibility of clouds to appear within the captured imagery. If suitable support imagery exists, MapMart can patch areas of satellite imagery that contain clouds with other imagery of the same area that do not contain clouds over a particular area. This delivers a lower cloud cover option over the project area in regions where cloud cover is problematic revealing more of the land surface than the original data.


Orthorectification, or the process of “terrain correcting” satellite imagery can be completed by MapMart for our end users. MapMart can take an end user’s imagery and correct terrain displacement in the imagery caused by off nadir or “sensor tilt” effects caused during image capture. This improves the positional accuracy of the imagery as well as allowing our end users to overlay their current working data with the recently acquired satellite imagery for correct alignment and overlay.

Multi-Resolution Blended Imagery

Many of our end users utilize image data in visual simulation environments. Using multi-resolution blended images increases the quality and rendering of the terrain texture in any synthetic environment. MapMart seamlessly feather blends imagery with different levels of detail into a single mosaic delivering finer detail for the exact areas that are needed while saving on file size and expense.


MapMart frequently merges multiple sources of imagery together to provide complete or customized coverage of an area. The resulting product is a virtually seamless, color-balanced, tonally-balanced, georeferenced or orthorectified image file ready for use in any mapping or imaging software.

DEM and Contour Creation

Using stereo pair imagery and ground control survey points, MapMart has the ability to create elevation models including Digital Surface Models, Digital Terrain Models, and contours with up to 1 meter spacing. Digital Surface Models (DSM, or “first surface” models) can be created at a 1 meter post spacing elevation grid. Digital Terrain Models (DTM, or “bare earth” models) can also be created resulting in a 5-meter grid spacing. From these elevation models our clients can generate contour data or MapMart can also complete the topographic contour creation for delivery to our clients. Creating these elevation data sets is a proprietary and customized process and does take some time to complete but results in the highest quality, remotely-created terrain data possible.

DEM and Contour Example:


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Feature Extraction

MapMart has the ability to extract features from imagery into a CAD-type file when needed. From bushes, bunkers, and fairways on a golf course to individual home and building outlines, trees and fences in developed areas, MapMart can extract and deliver fully attributed vector features that perfectly overlay the imagery itself.

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Aerial Photography

Our company is a leading supplier of vertical and oblique aerial photography in digital and analog formats flown to client specifications or from our historic library dating back to the early 1930’s.

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MapMart Cloud

MapMart Cloud is a service we offer users to access MapMart’s vast spatial library instant access to world-wide base mapping using web-based services and familiar GIS software packages.

MapMart Data Hosting Services

MapMart On-Demand™ is a service we offer which uses the latest internet and enterprise data communication technologies to provide MapMart’s vast spatial library and image acquisition capabilities to our customers for instant access to world-wide base mapping.

Custom Elevation and Topographic Mapping

Supporting planning, engineering, and project design, our highly-skilled photogrammetric department uses the latest technologies to create digital terrain models, topographic data and planimetric mapping.

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Well practiced in high precision GPS survey techniques, our experienced crews are available for ground control for projects within the United States and internationally.

Geologic Mapping

A leader in the production of detailed structural and stratigraphic mapping since 1951, our library contains more than 650,000 square miles of proprietary photogeologic mapping.

Environmental Mapping

Using aerial photography and other data sources, we assist clients in identifying the nature and extent of historic and current environmental site conditions and potential problems

Golf Course Mapping

SportsMapping™, a division established in 2000, develops and sells customized GIS mapping services for golf courses, tournaments, GPS measurement companies, ski areas, racetracks, and virtual reality game developers.

Photographic Lab Services

The on-site, full service aerial photography laboratory provides hardcopy and analog to digital reproductions of 9” x 9” aerial film negatives.