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Tactical Pilotage Charts

World 500K TPC Topographic Maps
Resolution: 250 dpi
Format: Geo Tiff, or JPEG (with World File)
Vintage: 1989 - 2001
Scale: 500K
Projection: Geographic (Lat/Long)
Datum: WGS-84

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The Tactical Pilotage Chart, or TPC, is the standard medium-scale aeronautical chart series (1: 500,000) used all over the world. The original Tactical Pilotage Charts were created by the United States Defense Mapping Agency. TPCs provide cartographic data appropriate to scale, and include aeronautical information such as contour lines, obstructions, special use air-space, navigational aids, military grids and related data. Because of the scale, some features, such as obstructions, are generalized in more developed areas. The TPCS are designed for very low- through medium-altitude high-speed visual and radar navigation. TPCs are also used for mission planning and analysis as well as intelligence briefings, and are source for navigational filmstrips, special purposes, and cockpit visual displays.

Topographic Base Map: Hydrography, depth contours, major and minor towns, railways, main roads, power transmission lines, selected landmark features, contours and spot heights in feet, layer tints, shaded relief, general vegetation and distinctive vegetation.

Aeronautical layer: Aerodromes, radio facilities, aeronautical and marine lights, obstructions, isogonals, maximum terrain elevations and maximum elevation figures.

Contour Interval: 500 feet including the first supplementary 250 foot contour in areas of moderate level or gently rolling areas. For charts comprising areas of high elevation and deep ravines, it may have been necessary to increase the chart contour interval to 1000 feet.

Type: Topographic; airborn; multicolor

Coverage: 505 tiles available of total 999 tiles covering entire world - Custom cut to your area.

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Pricing - TPC 500k Topographic Maps

Custom Area Cost : $1 per 25 square miles - $25 minimum

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  • $250 for Small Countries
  • $325 for Medium Countries
  • $625 for Bigger Countries
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