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TerraMetrics TruEarth Global Data Set

TerraMetrics TruEarth Global Data Set
Resolution: 15 meter
Band: Natural Color
Projection: UTM, Lat/Long
Datum: NAD 27, 83, WGS 84
Format: GeoTIFF, JPEG2000, SID, or ECW
Dates: 1999-2003

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TerraMetrics TruEarth Satellite Imagery

TruEarth® 15-meter imagery is the baseline for naturally colored, overview imagery of the entire earth. TruEarth® 15-meter imagery is ideal for web mapping, simulation, visualization, and GIS applications.

TruEarth® imagery provides the most complete and virtually cloud-free global coverage (excluding Antarctica) at 15-meter per pixel resolution. MapMart provides TruEarth® imagery in 1 degree x 1 degree tiles, each with 7,200 x 7,200 pixels, as well as blended custom areas.

TruEarth® imagery is present on Google Earth and Google Maps and is the preferred imagery for some of the most visible web mapping services, simulation applications, and media. TruEarth® imagery is also playing a key role in next-generation Synthetic Vision aviation flight displays.

TruEarth® 15-meter imagery licenses are available in either an End-user or OEM Integrator-type. End-user licenses allow use of the imagery for essentially any creative or technical purpose other than resale or distribution of the product. OEM licenses allow embedded use and distribution of the imagery in physical devices, software applications and web applications.

Pricing Samples Coverage
TerraMetrics Custom Pricing is based on the Standard TruEarth 15 Meter Resolution data set with a Site License, which is compressed at a 25 to 1 ratio. Minimum charge for data is $25 USD. Available continents are North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australia/Oceania.

Global and Continental discounts are available. Other pricing on Professional and Pure TruEarth data sets as well as alternate licenses are also available, please contact or call 1-303-759-5050, option 2 for more information.

TruEarth Custom Area Pricing 1-1000 sq km 1001-5000 sq km 5001-10000 sq km 10001-500000 sq km 500001+ sq km
OEM License 0.021 0.018 0.014 0.01 0.007
Company License 0.017 0.014 0.011 0.0084 0.0055
Site License 0.01 0.0088 0.0072 0.0052 0.0035
*Professional set is 20% higher.