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WorldView-4 Imagery from DigitalGlobe

WorldView-4 31 cm 4-band Multispectral
Resolution: 31 cm Panchromatic, Multispectral Resolution: 1.24 m
Band: Panchromatic, Multispectral (4 band)
Projection: UTM, Lat/Long, State Plane
Datum: NAD 83, WGS 84
Format: GeoTIFF, JPEG
Dates: November, 2016 - present

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WorldView-4, launched in November 2017, provides a second sensor from DigitalGlobe capable of delivering imagery at 30cm resolution, the highest level of detail commercially available from satellite. WorldView-4 greatly expands the 30cm collection capabilities and archive growth in today’s imagery environment.

WorldView-4 operates at an altitude of 617 kilometers and can gather 680,000 square kilometers of fresh imagery per day. It is a highly accurate sensor at 3.0 meter CE90 and delivers top-quality imagery data.

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