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TerraSAR-X from Airbus Defense and Space

TerraSAR-X Radar Imagery from Airbus Defense and Space
Resolution: Down to 25 cm
Bands: X-Band Radar
Projection: UTM or Lat/Long
Datum: WGS 84
Dates: 2007-present

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Launched in June 2007 and July 2010 respectively, TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X are high resolution radar satellite capturing data of the earth’s surface despite any unfavorable cloud-cover or lighting conditions.

Data is gathered by the pair in the middle of night and through the most dense cloud cover. The data from these satellites is ideal for movement tracking, ground subsidence, watercraft monitoring, construction monitoring or any other form of physical change detection. Details as small as vehicles or aircraft can be tracked using TerraSAR-X. Land use mapping and other classification projections can benefit from these data sets as well.

TerraSAR-X acquisition capabilities are further augmented with two new acquisition modes: The new TerraSAR-X Wide ScanSAR mode provides an overview of an area of up to 400,000 km² within a single acquisition, while the new TerraSAR-X Staring SpotLight mode features a resolution of down to 0.25 m and enhanced radiometric quality to reveal the crucial details. If you need to see which way a vehicle went on dirt road, TerraSAR-X Starting apotlight can tell you.

Airbus Defense and Space Services offers an extensive portfolio of high-quality TerraSAR-X data products of different modes or processing levels depending on the intended utilization. TerraSAR-X was specifically designed to meet the requirements of commercial users around the globe and is optimized to deliver data for a wide range of sophisticated applications.

These radar image products are specified in accordance with the individual needs and application requirements of each customer prior to their acquisition. The basic imagery products can subsequently be enhanced in order to secure an optimized applicability.

In addition to the collection of high-resolution SAR data, TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X form the first configurable high-precision radar interferometer in space. The two satellites collect the data basis for the WorldDEM™, a homogeneous seamless global elevation data set at 12m resolution.

DEM Data from Airbus Defense and Space TerrSAR-X Radar Satellite Imagery

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