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Earthstar Geographics TerraColor®GlobalData Set

Earthstar Geographics TerraColor® Global Data Set
Resolution: 15 meter
Band: 75% Simulated Natural Color / 25% True Color
Projection: UTM, Lat/Long, State Plane
Datum: NAD 27, 83, WGS 84
Format: JPEG2000, JPEG or GeoTIFF
Dates: Primarily 1999 –2003 with updates from 2013-present

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Search EarthStar Geographics  Terracolor Global  Satellite Imagery Dataset

 EarthStar Geographics  Terracolor Satellite Imagery

Earthstar Geographics TerraColor Global Dataset

TerraColor® Global provides a unique combination of quality and features that make it arguably the premier medium resolution global satellite imagery dataset available on the commercial market. Used by many of the world's leading web mapping portals, TerraColor Global provides:

  • ·
  • A complete, integrated globe of data with true pole-to-pole coverage (including Antarctica).
  • ·
  • Detailed ocean mask to remove clouds, ice and image edges from ocean areas.
  • ·
  • Blue ocean fill for a "clean" look, ideal for GIS backdrops and flight simulator applications.
  • ·
  • Extensive upgrades to reduce clouds, least cloud cover of any commercial 15m global product.
  • ·
  • True color imagery of most of the world's tropical islands (Hawaii, Bahamas, Maldives, Great Barrier Reef, South Pacific and other areas).
  • ·
  • Very high quality imagery of many remote places, such as polar areas and equatorial islands.
  • ·
  • Built primarily with year 1999-2003 Landsat 7 imagery, with some areas of newer Landsat 8 and EO-1 ALI imagery.
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  • 15-meter spatial resolution (pixel size) is suitable for mapping at scales of 1:60,000 and higher.
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  • MODIS 500m imagery used to fill polar caps (82-90 N and S) where Landsat does not have coverage.
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  • Discounted bundles available by region, see Regional Coverage map below.

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