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SPOTMaps by Airbus Defense and Space

SPOTMaps - 1.5m and 2.5m Natural Color Ortho-Mosaics
Resolution: 1.5 meter and 2.5 meter
Bands: Natural Color
Projection: Geographic Lat/Long
Datum: NAD 27, 83, WGS 84
Format: GeoTIFF, JPEG and Fusion-Ready
Dates: 2005 - present

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SPOTMaps 1.5 is a 1.5 meter cloud-free and highly accurate imagery product that is quickly becoming a readily-available off-the-shelf imagery product for many countries around the world. SPOTMaps 1.5 is created from imagery captured on the SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 satellites. SPOTMaps 1.5 is suitable for working at scales up to 1:25,000 and is an upgrade to SPOTMaps 2.5 to provide users with a higher resolution product.

SPOTMaps 2.5 products are color satellite maps at a resolution of 2.5 m (Suitable for working at scales up to 1:50,000). The imagery is derived from the best available SPOT 5 scenes. They cover over 110 of the world’s more remote and poorly mapped countries with nearly cloud-free SPOT imagery. They are the ideal geographic reference for your visualization, mapping and planning needs. SPOTMaps products are orthorectified and ready to use in any GIS or visualization software package.

SPOTMaps Features

SPOTMaps 2.5 SPOTMaps 1.5
Source data SPOT 5 satellite imagery SPOT 6/7 satellite imagery
Resolution 2.5 meters 1.5 meters
Spectral Mode Color (3 bands) Natural Color (3 Bands, RGB)
Location Accuracy 10 to 15 meters RMS, depending on country 6 to 10 meters CE90 (absolute)
Preprocessing Level Ortho3 Ortho3
Projection UTM WGS 84 UTM WGS
Format GeoTIFF
Product framing Per km², to match your area of interest Per km², to match your area of interest

Note 1: DIMAP format or specific projections may be possible, according to feasibility, for large-area coverage

Note 2: GEE Fusion format available on request for direct integration in your Google Earth Enterprise solution

Note 3: DEM used: Elevation30 or SRTM DTED 1, according to availability

Pricing Samples Coverage
Several factors affect the pricing for satellite imagery. Once you submit the area of interest on our website, you will receive a price estimate online and a member of our team will contact you to confirm the details and deliver final pricing for the imagery you need. Please feel free to contact us at 303-759-5050 x 2 with any questions.
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