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RapidEye Mosaics

RapidEye - 5 meter Satellite Imagery
Resolution: 5 meter (resampled from 6.5 meter collection)
Band: Natural Color
Projection: UTM
Datum: WGS 84
Format: GeoTIFF
Dates: 2009 - present

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BlackBridge RapidEye - 5 meter Satellite Imagery

BlackBridge's constellation of five identical RapidEye satellites image over one billion square kilometers of earth every year. This unprecedented collection capacity has created a vast archive since early 2009. This archive combined with BlackBridge‘s collection abilities are the foundation for its current, full-country coverage RapidEye Mosaics™ available off-the-shelf.

Multiple RapidEye satellite images are used to cover a country or region with very minimal cloud cover to generate RapidEye Mosaics™. These images are geometrically aligned and orthorectified to insure that they are precisely located. They are uniformly color-balanced to ensure a high-quality natural color image that is produced using the native Red, Green and Blue bands of the RapidEye satellites. The RapidEye Mosaics™ are conveniently formatted into a ready-to-use product, in standard file formats that are Open & Go GIS ready, requiring no further processing.

Cloud cover is less than 3% wherever possible. If mosaics are not currently available for your area of interest, a custom mosaic can be created to fulfill your needs.

Pricing Samples Coverage
Pricing for the RapidEye Mosaic imagery can change due to a few variables. Please contact us with the area you require and we will deliver pricing for your site as soon as we can.
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