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Pléiades Imagery from Airbus Defense and Space

Pléiades 1A & 1B - 50cm Satellite Imagery
Resolution:  (50 cm Pansharpened, 2m Multispectral)
Band: Natural Color, Color Infrared, Multispectral, Panchromatic
Projection: UTM, Lat/Long, State Plane
Datum: NAD 27, 83, WGS 84
Format: GeoTIFF, JPEG 2000, SID or WMS
Dates: 2012 - present

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Pléiades-1A was successfully launched out of French Guiana on December 16, 2011. Together with its twin, Pléiades-1B, launched December 2, 2012, these satellites offer daily revisit for nearly any site in the world to ultimately deliver the highest level of detail commercially available

The Pléiades constellation provides very high-resolution optical products in record time, offering daily revisits to any point on the globe and acquisition capabilities tailored to meet the full spectrum of civil and military requirements.

Pléiades products supply detailed information about target areas and their surroundings:

  • 50 cm resolution, color, orthorectified imagery.
  • 20 km ground footprint at nadir, up to 100 km x 100 km in strip mapping mode.
  • 4.5 m location accuracy without ground control points (CE90 with refined ephemeris data).
  • 5 acquisition modes:
    • Target
    • Strip Mapping
    • Tri-stereo
    • Corridor
    • Persistent Surveillance
These features make Pléiades products the ideal solution for precision mapping and photointerpretation. Submit your site online to check for coverage in the quickly growing archive or to schedule a new collection of the area.

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Several factors affect the pricing for satellite imagery. Submit your area of interest on our website, and a member of our team will contact you to confirm the details and deliver final pricing for the imagery you need. Please feel free to contact us at 303-759-5050 x 2 or with any questions.
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