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KOMPSAT-5 Radar Imagery from SI Imaging

KOMPSAT-5 Radar Imagery
Resolution: 1 m, 3m, & 20m
Band: X-Band SAR
Dates:  2013 - present

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KOMPSAT-5 has a primary objective to operate as an Earth observation SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) satellite to provide data for geospatial applications as well as monitor environmental disasters. KOMPSAT-5 is also referred to as the GOLDEN mission:

  • GIS: Acquisition of independent high resolution SAR images
  • Ocean & Land Management : Survey of natural resources
  • Disaster & ENvironment Monitoring : Surveillance of large scale disasters and its countermeasure.

KOMPSAT-5 can revisit nearly any target on earth within 24 hours providing consistent monitoring of temporal situations

KOMPSAT 5 Satellite Imagery Sample

Interferogram of the Kilauea volcano located in the southern part on the Island of Hawaii, known as Big Island (image credit: SIIS, KARI)

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