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KOMPSAT-3A Imagery from SI Imaging

KOMPSAT-3A – 40 - 55 cm Satellite Imagery
Resolution: 40 - 55 cm
Band: Natural Color, Color Infrared, Multispectral, Panchromatic
Projection: UTM, Geographic
Datum:  WGS 84
Format:  GeoTIFF or JPEG
Dates:  2005 - present

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KOMPSAT 3A Satellite Imagery from SI Imaging

KOMPSAT-3A is the first dual imaging system on an Earth observation/Infrared satellite launched by a group in Korea. The primary objective of KOMPSAT-3A (a program of KARI, the Korea Aerospace Research Institute) is to operate an Earth observation satellite capable of obtaining both high resolution visible and infrared images that will support geospatial applications for environmental, agricultural and oceanographic sciences as well as natural disasters. The KOMPSAT – 3A sensor gathers imagery at 55 cm resolution and can deliver imagery as refined at 40cm.

KOMPSAT 3A Satellite Images Sample

KOMPSAT-3A sample image of the Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi, acquired on October 26, 2015, (image credit: KARI, SIIS)

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