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KOMPSAT Imagery from SI Imaging

KOMPSAT - 0.7 – 1.0 Meter Satellite Imagery
KOMPSAT 3 Resolution: 0.7 m (Multispectral Resolution: 2.8 m)
KOMPSAT 2 Resolution: 1.0 m (Multispectral Resolution: 4.0 m)
Band: Natural Color, Color Infrared, Multispectral, Panchromatic
Projection: UTM, Geographic
Datum:  WGS 84
Format:  GeoTIFF or JPEG
Dates:  2006 - present

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Purchase KOMPSAT 2 and KOMPSAT 3 Satellite Imagery

MapMart has added KOMPSAT 2 and KOMPSAT 3 to the offering of satellite imagery to our users worldwide. KOMPSAT 3 (Korean Multi-purpose Satellite 3) is a lightweight Earth observation satellite developed by the Korea Aerospace Research Institute - KARI. It operates at an altitude of 685 km in a sun-synchronous orbit using a sensor capable of 0.7 meter panchromatic and 2.8 meter multispectral resolution. This allows for a 0.7 meter pan sharpened color product.

KOMPSAT-2 acquires 1 meter imagery with the panchromatic band and 4 meter resolution in the multispectral across 4 bands in the visible (red, green, blue) and near-infrared. Simultaneous acquisition of Pan and MS images allows for merging to a 1-m natural color, color infrared or 4-band sharpened images as standard products.

KOMPSAT-2 has an archive dating back to 2006. Both satellites are available for tasking any area of the world.

Pricing Samples Coverage
Several factors affect the pricing for satellite imagery. Submit your area of interest on our website, and a member of our team will contact you to confirm the details and deliver final pricing for the imagery you need. Please feel free to contact us at 303-759-5050 x 2 or MapMartInformation@harris.com with any questions.
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