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Harris Global 5m Orthomosaics

5 meter Satellite Imagery for full countries
Resolution: 5 meter
Band: Natural Color
Projection: UTM
Datum: WGS 84
Format: GeoTIFF
Dates: 2009 - present

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Harris RapidEye Global 5 Meter Satellite Imagery Orthomosaics

The Global 5m Orthomosaics data set features natural-color, recent imagery with full coverage for several countries and are available off-the-shelf for rapid delivery. Any country can be made upon request as well. Harris Global 5m Orthomosaics are ideal for many applications including precise digital mapping, change detection, situational awareness, visual simulation, and mission planning.

5m resolution imagery collected from the RapidEye satellite constellation is aligned and corrected to the Earth’s surface to generate a precisely located orthomosaic of a country or region. This process is done using multiple scenes to deliver imagery for the entire country with little if any cloud cover. The imagery scenes are then blended and balanced to create a uniform and seamless natural-color product for the entire country.

The Global 5m Orthomosaic imagery is created in standard file formats that are GIS ready, requiring no further processing. They are ready for use immediately upon acquisition.

AOI Name
DR Congo
India-Pakistan Border
North Korea

Pricing Samples Coverage
Pricing for the 5-meter Mosaic imagery is a bit variable. Please submit your area of interest to us and we will return pricing to you as soon as we can.
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