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Global Basemap Imagery

Global Basemap Imagery from DigitalGlobe

Resolution: 30cm – 240cm
Band: Natural Color
Format: Streaming via Cloud or offline JPEG tiles
Dates: 2010 - present

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 DigitalGlobe Global Basemap Imagery available for Immediate Download
Global Basemap is the most accurate and up-to-date imagery available of all 500 million square kilometers of the planet's surface using multiple sources of imagery and data. It is highly accurate and ready for use immediately. 3Basemap is available for download within hours from MapMart. Just outline the area on our map, complete the purchase and the datalink will be sent to your email right away! Click here to get started 

Global Basemap is an off-the-shelf product delivering baseline context that enables users to better understand and analyze specific geographies of interest, whether they be state-wide, country-wide, regional, or global. Using complete, high-resolution, accurate, orthorectified imagery coverage and providing continual updates, Global Basemap provides the most relevant imagery basemap available to the market.

The full world is covered at multiple resolutions and with multiple layers of imagery. It is accessible online via the cloud network from anywhere on earth using a tiered subscription service.Coverage of the globe, a country or a single city are options to tailor the imagery to exactly what you need. Updates to most coverage options are available on an annual, semi-annual or quarterly basis as well.

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A few factors affect the pricing for Global Basemap. Please submit your area online, contact our Sales Team at or 303-759-5050 x 2.
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