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GeoCover Imagery

GeoCover - 15 Meter Satellite Imagery
Cloud Cover: 20% or less
Coverage: Worldwide Coverage
Dates: 1999-2003
Formats: GeoTIFF
Projection : Geographic/WGS-84, others upon request
Resolution : 15 Meter

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Buy GeoCover: 3 LandSat ETM+ Bands Satellite Imagery

The GeoCover data set is comprised of three LandSat ETM+ Bands, each sharpened with the panchromatic band:

Band 7 (mid-infrared light) is displayed as red.
Band 4 (near-infrared light) is displayed as green.
Band 2 (visible green light) is displayed as blue.

The GeoCover data offer a unique perspective on the earth's surface, highlighting features not normally visible when utilizing natural color.

Our unique system of creating data on-the-fly processes the order and sends a link via email, through which you can download the data immediately via FTP. 

Pricing Samples Coverage
Price : $1 per 39 Square Kilometer ($1 per 15 Square Miles)
Minimum Order : $25.00