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Satellite Imagery Available Immediately

Readily Available Imagery Now!
Resolution: 30cm - 80cm
Band: Natural color
Format: Geo TIFF
Dates: 2010 - Present

Email: MapMartInformation@harris.com
or call 303-759-5050 Option 2

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Satellite Imagery Available Immediately

The most highly detailed satellite imagery available for anywhere in the world is now available to download right away! The clearest imagery captured from state-of-the-art sensors has been processed and made available for you to download for your exact area within minutes. You can choose from multiple dates of imagery for every site, purchase online and download the full resolution image within minutes. Areas as small as 10 square kilometers (3.8 square miles) can be obtained. Just outline what you want, choose the dates you want to receive and check out. It is just that simple!

Pricing Samples Coverage
10 square Price per square Price per square Price per square
kilometer minimum kilometer kilometer kilometer
Resolution 1-90 days old 91 days - 18 months older than 18 months
30cm $39.00 $23.00 $18.00
40cm $31.00 $20.00 $17.00
50cm+ $28.00 $13.00 $13.00
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