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MapMart's Toolbar for ArcMap

New - MapMart within ESRI ArcMap!

Install the MapMart On-Demand toolbar for ArcMap 9.2 or 9.3 and you will be able to research, preview, purchase and download imagery and data without leaving your ArcMap interface.

Pre-requisites to installing the Toolbar

.Net 2.0 framework : The presence of this framework is automatically detected by the installer and you will be prompted to install the .Net 2.0 framework before the toolbar installing the toolbar.

ArcView 9.2 (SP 6) or 9.3 (SP 1) : MapMart toolbar is designed to work with ArcView 9.2 (Service Pack 6) or 9.3 (Service Pack 1) versions only. Earlier versions or beta versions will not be supported.

ArcGIS .Net Support : MapMart toolbar requires that the ArcGIS .Net support be installed prior to the installation of the toolbar. To verify if this module is installed go to Add/Remove programs via the control panel. Select ArcGIS Desktop from the list and click the Change/Remove button, which will pop-up a ArcGIS Setup window. Select Modify option and click the Next button. The .Net Support module will be displayed with a “X” mark if it hasn’t been installed on your machine.
Please refer to this ESRI document on how to install .Net support on your machine.

Click here to read more about the MapMart Toolbar for ArcMap

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