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MapInfo MapMarker USA Software

MapInfo MapMarker Plus 13.3 Software

The powerful, cost-effective geocoding tool - and first step toward mapping and business data analysis.

MapInfo® MapMarker® USA brings location intelligence to your organization. Patent-pending algorithms improve street-level interpolation techniques for increased positional accuracy — as close as 75 feet on average — to outperform other leading geocoding processes.

MapMarker Plus matches records against its comprehensive address dictionary, a database of USPS street addresses, street geometry and the latest ZIP + 4 centroids to locate millions of addresses and deliver up to a 30% increase in hit rate compared to the standard MapMarker.

MapMarker Plus gives you:

  • Powerful features for managing global business data
  • Increased positional accuracy within 75 feet on average
  • Geocode against multiple (and custom) dictionaries
  • Validate and clean address records for target marketing
  • Handle large tables fast in batch mode
  • Geocode interactively to maximize matches and control errors
  • Address validation and address cleansing to USPS CASS requirements

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