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MapInfo Exponare Software

MapInfo Exponare Software

The preferred series of easy to use applications for location intelligence.

MapInfo® Exponare™ is a configurable suite of server-based enterprise applications that allow an organization to deploy maps and control access to data over the Internet or on an internal network. It provides a cost-efficient mechanism to share information with internal and external customers. Exponare can be managed by existing IT personnel, since there is no need for development skills.

Exponare empowers end users of various skill levels to connect to multiple sources of corporate data and discover the full extent of their information resource. Because Exponare can be deployed over the web, users inside and outside of the organization can access the information.

With an emphasis on configuration (rather then code development), centralized management and integration with other systems, Exponare provides a rapid return on investment. The Exponare product suite consists of a number of modules which are designed to work seamlessly with each other and act as an integrated suite. All product modules have a consistent look and feel and all are set up with a common configuration tool.

Exponare contains a Server engine and two separate deployment options, Exponare Enquiry and Exponare Public. The Exponare suite is aimed at an organization requiring centrally managed access to spatial data and functionality through open and interoperable standards. Through the highly versatile Exponare Server it is possible to control the data and functionality that each individual user has access to, as well as the application through which it is accessed.

Exponare Enquiry is a thin client application, installed on the desktop of each client machine, which links to the Exponare server to provide rich spatial functionality. Enquiry is an application that can be installed and configured in a short amount of time, and is aimed at the internal user who requires a comprehensive level of spatial data display and querying functionality. Enquiry has the ability to be configured to provide various levels of functionality, including the ability to be set up to administer the Exponare Server.

Exponare Public is web browser-based application which provides very similar functionality to Enquiry. This is achieved by using the exact same web services from the Exponare Server as those used by Enquiry. Public is aimed at the more general, non-technical user, but maintains a similar look and feel to Enquiry, promoting a common understanding of spatial data, as well as to provide transferability of skills. It is intended that Public could be used to provide internet-based access to spatial data for a citizen population or dispersed customer-base. The closeness of the relationship between these two applications is such that Public can be configured to see the same data in the same way as Enquiry through use of the same configuration tools.

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