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Leverage the power of MapInfo Professional to deliver easy-to-access, easy-to-use web-based interactive maps. Empower customers and business users. Enable self-service, cut costs, improve decision making, and streamline workflow.
Improve your customer experience, efficiency, and bottom line. With Stratus, you can easily publish and share interactive maps via the Web or private Intranet. Now, your Location Intelligence is just a mouse click away.

Enable self-service: IProvide your constituents, customers and citizens with 24/7 access to vital information via interactive web maps. Enable them to quickly locate store locations, government sites and services, road closures, and more.

Cut costs: Spend less time updating, publishing and reproducing paper and PDF maps. Reduce phone inquiries. Improve version control.

Improve decision making: Provide your business users with instant access to important insights. Enable them to generate and manipulate map views to see what they need to plan and to act.

Streamline workflow: Reduce repetitive processes. Refocus GIS efforts on the mapping exercises that require their expertise. Put information directly in the hands of decision makers, constituents, customers and citizens.

MapInfo Stratus is part of the MapInfo Suite of Location Intelligence Solutions.

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