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MapInfo Software Products
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MapMart offers the latest available versions of the Pitney Bowes Software products (formerly Pitney Bowes Business Insights) at prices guaranteed to always be lower than retail price. Additionally, receive free standard shipping is included for all software orders.  

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MapInfo Professional - Latest Version

The world’s leading and easiest to use desktop software for performing sophisticated mapping and detailed geographic analysis.

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MapInfo Professional 9.5


MapInfo MapMarker USA - Latest Version

This is a powerful geocoding product with more detailed and accurate data than the MapMarker USA TIGER 22.1 for mapping and analyzing data. It also assigns latitude and longitude values to your address data so they can be viewed on a map with greater precision.

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MapInfo MapMarker Plus 13.3


MapMarker USA TIGER (formerly Standard 14) - Latest Version

This is a powerful geocoding product for mapping and analyzing data. It assigns latitude and longitude values to your address data so they can be viewed on a map.

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MapInfo MapMarker 12.2


MapInfo Vertical Mapper - Latest Version

Turn point data into continuous surfaces to uncover patterns and reveal trends. Make data jump off the map for quick and easy analysis and understanding.

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MapInfo Vertical Mapper 3.1.1


MapInfo Stratus - Latest Version

The replacement for MapInfo Discovery, Stratus enables the sharing of interactive maps. Allow your colleagues to access your analysis using only their web browser.

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MapInfo Discovery


MapInfo Upgrade Protection (MATS)

MATS is designed to maximize your ROI from MapInfo’s offerings. The bundle includes service elements and software updates aimed at ensuring your success.

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MapInfo Upgrade Protection (MATS)


MapInfo MapXtreme - Latest Version

MapInfo MapXtreme - Powerful developer tools for creating mapping and map-enabled applications for Internet and intranet deployment. Available for Java, .NET and Windows environments.

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MapInfo MapXtreme


MapX Mobile - Latest Version

The premier development tool for creating customized mapping applications for a mobile workforce using the Pocket PC.

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MapX Mobile


MapInfo Routing J Server - Latest Version

The premier street network analysis engine for performing drive time analysis and for routing people, products and assets.

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MapInfo Routing J Server


MapInfo Exponare - Latest Version

A configurable suite of sever-based applications that enable an organization to deploy maps and control access to data over the Internet or an internal network

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MapInfo Exponare


We also offer the following Pitney Bowes Software products in addition to those above:
  • MapMarker USA Server
  • MapMarker USA TIGER
  • ZIP Code and Census data to be used with MapMarker
  • Census, District, Boundary and Demographics Data
  • Business Points
  • Business Summary
  • AreaCodeInfo
  • CarrierInfo
  • ExchangeInfoPlus
  • LATAInfo
  • Media Prints
  • MobileMarketInfo
  • PSAP Pro
  • RateCenterInfo
  • CallingAreaInfo
  • Demand Insight Financial
  • Demographic Data for Puerto Rico
  • Zip Code and ZIP+4 Data
  • Carrier Routes
  • Risk Data Suite
  • StreetPro US Display
  • StreetPro US EAL (Enhanced Address Layer)
  • StreetInfo US Display
  • StreetInfo US EAL (Enhanced Address Layer)
  • US Railroad Data
  • US Highway Data
  • Trafficmetrix US
  • Trafficmetrix Puerto Rico
  • WorldInfo
  • Anysite
  • Anysite Demographics Data Content