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Schematics Extension

Schematics Extension

ArcGIS Schematics enables users to generate, visualize, and manipulate diagrams from data in a geodatabase. ArcGIS Schematics provides tools to operate, manage, and view any network in a wide variety of geographic and schematic representations.

ArcGIS Schematics fits your company standards and lets you realize a demonstrable return on investment in diagram generation (automatic generation vs. computer-aided design). It allows for the rapid checking of network connectivity, lets you quickly understand network architecture, and shortens the decision cycle by presenting synthetic and focused views of the network.

With ArcGIS Schematics, you can

  • Automatically generate schematics from complex networks.
  • Check network connectivity.
  • Perform quality control of network data.
  • optimize network design and analysis.
  • Evaluate network forecast and planning (modeling, simulation, comparative analysis).
  • Dynamically interact with GIS through a schematic view.
  • Perform commercial and market analysis.
  • Model social networks.
  • Generate flowcharts.
  • Manage interdependencies

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