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Network Analyst Extension

Network Analyst Extension

ArcGIS Network Analyst is a powerful extension that provides network-based spatial analysis including routing, travel directions, closest facility, and service area analysis. ArcGIS Network Analyst enables users to dynamically model realistic network conditions, including turn restrictions, speed limits, height restrictions, and traffic conditions, at different times of the day.

With ArcGIS Network Analyst, you can conduct

  • Drive-time analysis
  • Point-to-point routing
  • Route directions
  • Service area definition
  • Shortest path
  • Optimum route
  • Closest facility
  • Origin-destination analysis

ArcGIS Network Analyst provides a rich environment with easy-to-use menus and tools as well as the robust functionality available in the geoprocessing environment for modeling and scripting.

All software users who need high-quality, GIS-based routing and network analysis can leverage ArcGIS Network Analyst. Industries that benefit from ArcGIS Network Analyst include transportation, logistics, health care, public safety, education, utilities, local government, business, and many more.

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