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WhiteStar Corporation Well Data

WhiteStar WellsTM
Key Attributes: Well Name, Well, API, and Lease Numbers, Status Post Codes
Content: Over 4 million US Oil & Gas Wells
Projection: Geographic Lat/Long
Datum: NAD 27
Dates: Updated quarterly

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WhiteStar Oil and Gas Well Data

WhiteStar data experts compile, process, and standardize well header data from 34 different State and Federal agencies and make it available as WhiteStar Wells™.
WhiteStar Wells is a nationwide well database containing the geographical coordinates and well header attribute information for more than 4 million oil and gas wells in The United States. In addition, formation top and bottom hole data have been compiled, processed, and standardized for select States.

WhiteStar Wells includes:
  • Well Header Information
  • Operator Reported Formation Top Data
  • Bottom Hole Information
  • Casings, Liner Intervals, Perforation Intervals, Remarks and Squeeze Intervals for Texas
  • Fitted State and County Lines
  • Gulf of Mexico Offshore Areas

Pricing Samples Coverage
Pricing for this data varies based on the area size and usage. Please feel free to contact us or submit your area on line and we will contact you immediately with a quotation for your site.
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