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WhiteStar Corporation Grid Data

WhiteStar GridTM
Key Attributes: PLSS data enhanced with BLM and other data, offshore data
Content: States, Counties/Parishes, Sections and Townships
Projection: Geographic Lat/Long
Datum: NAD 27
Dates: Updated quarterly

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WhiteStar Oil and Gas Well Data

WhiteStar Grid™ was developed to equip the energy industry with the essential cartographic data layers necessary to explore quickly, easily and accurately while minimizing data management overhead. Precision hand-digitized from industry standard 1:24,000-scale USGS topographic maps over a period of 20 years, WhiteStar Grid is the industry standard source of digital land grid in North America.

WhiteStar Grid is a seamless digital mosaic of data layers including the following: (Layers can be switched on and off to customize views for a particular project.)
  • Public Land Survey - USGS enhanced with BLM and additional public and private data
  • Texas Land Survey
  • Kentucky and Tennessee Carter Townships
  • Fitted State and County Lines
  • Federal Offshore Survey (GOM, Atlantic, Pacific, Chukchi and Beaufort Seas)
  • Pennsylvania Municipalities
  • State water Offshore Survey (Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas)

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