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Hart Energy Rextag Pipeline and Energy Data

Hart Energy Rextag Energy Data Sets
Data Sets: Natural Gas, Pipelines, Crude Oil, Refined Products, Electric Transmission, NGL/LPG/HVL Data
Format: Arc ASCII Grid, ESRI Shapefile
Projection: Lambert conformal, GCS North American
Datum: NAD 27, 83, WGS 84
Coverage: Continental US, Canada and Alaska 

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Purchase Rextag Renewable Energy Data

Rextag Strategies has become the proven leader in the pipeline GIS data industry. They are the only company that provides a publicly-published accuracy statement. They are also the only company to publicly-publish prices that apply to ALL Rextag users, regardless of the perception of how large or small the company may be. Most telling is how Rextag is relied heavily upon within the oil and gas media, the government and private companies for ongoing custom mapping for visuals such as open seasons, proposed routes, rights of way, basin and shale plays, system maps, storage facility acquisition, and more.

Rextag Strategies provides:

  • The highest proven level of spatial accuracy.
  • The most miles of pipeline.
  • The fairest and lowest prices in the industry and
  • A drive to remain in the forefront of this exciting and dynamic industry!

Rextag Renewable Energy Data

The only true way to determine if the Rextag data is truly superior to what you are using today is to participate in a live demo (in person or online) and perform an apples-to-apples comparison. We invite you to put the data to the test. We are confident that if you do, you will do what every other company does who requires the highest quality at the fairest price…switch to Rextag Strategies!

Additional Data Sets available:

  • Natural Gas
  • Crude Oil
  • Refined Products
  • Electric Transmission
  • NGL / LPG / HVL Datasets
  • Renewable Energy GIS

Pricing Samples Coverage
Rextag Energy and Pipeline Data Sets can be purchased in its entirety or as individual regions. Please submit your areas and data sets of need to and we will deliver a price quotation to you.The available data sets are:
Oil & Gas Transport & Processing
Natural Gas
Misc. (CO2, Ammonia, Etc)
Crude Oil
Refined Products
Others (NGL/LPG/HVL)
Other Energy Datasets
Rail Transport (Crude, Refined, Etc.)
Oil & Gas Wells
Electricity Transmission

Hart Energy Rextag Energy Data Sets Pricing

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