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Maponics ZIP Code Data

Maponics ZIP Code Data

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Maponics Vector Data

The ZIP Code data developed by Maponics shows direct marketers where their prospects live, helping them to develop efficient strategies and target campaigns and help web developers add relevance to search capabilities. ZIP Code Boundaries also allow local search by ZIP Code to display an area on a map with points of interest. Of course, the more accurate the ZIP Code data, the better the marketing and search results. The data are aligned with the US Census Bureau TIGER data. The Zip Code Data set includes:

• ZIP Code Boundaries - includes boundaries and centroids

• ZIP Code Centroids - includes the center points for all ZIP Codes

• ZIP+4 Centroids - includes center points for ZIP+4 ZIP Codes

• Neighborhood-to-ZIP Code Correlation File

• Postal Carrier Route Boundaries

• Archived postal boundaries and ZIP+4 Centroids available from as early as year 2008

Maponics builds and defines geographic boundaries that are meaningful at the local level, such as neighborhood boundaries, ZIP Codes, and school attendance zones. Because locally relevant boundaries define where people spend their time and money, our products are critical for national companies looking to attract and retain new business. And now, with our new geospatial analytics product, Context™, customers get revolutionary insight into local character by syncing lifestyle and behavioral analytics to our GIS data products or customized polygons.

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