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VMAP1 International Map Data

VMAP1 International Data
Scale: 1:250,000
Date: 1996 - 2001
Projection: UTM, Lat/Long, State Plane
Datum: WGS 84
Accuracy: Horizontal: 125 - 500 m; Vertical: 0.5-2m (Mean Sea Level)
Format: SHP, TAB, DXF
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VMAP1 International Map Data

International Vector Data (VMAP1) covers much of world seamlessly, though not all data is available to the public. The Vector Smart Map (VMAP) family of databases is a set of digital vector product databases originally used for military IT, simulation- and geoinformation systems as well as for the production of military analogue and digital maps. VMAP Level 1 (VMap1) data correspond to the geometry and contents of maps in the scale of 1:250.000. Read on for more information and download VMAP1 data for free.. The VMAP1 database consist of natural and man-made point, line and area objects subdivided into the following 10 feature classes: Boundaries, data quality, elevation, hydrography, industry, physiography, population, transportation, utilities and vegetation.

MapMart sells this Vector data in the following formats: MapInfo .TAB and ESRI Shape. Both data formats are available for Immediate Download cut to your specific area upon purchase with a credit card. The standard projection is Geographic (Lat/Long), WGS-84 with coordinates in Decimal-Degrees.

* Data is often ready for download within 5-10 minutes depending on how densely populated your area is.

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Cost: 0.04¢ per square mile - $50 minimum - $450 for full data set (incomplete for the world)
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