VMAP0 Layer Info

VMAP0 Layer Information

International Vector Data consists of the following layers:

Layer Name Description
Airports Airport/AirField
Barriers Walls
Canals Aqueducts/Canals/Flumes
Bathymetry Depth Contours
City Areas Built-Up Area
City Points Built-Up Area
CoastLines Coastline/Shoreline
Contours Contour Lines - 700'
Crops Cropland
Danger Points Rock/Wreck
Fish Hatchery Fish Hatchery/Fish Farm/Marine Farm
Grass Grassland/Scrub/Brush
Industry Areas Mine/Quarry, Oil/Gas Field, Salt Evaporator
Industry Points Mine/Quarry, Oil/Gas Field, Salt Evaporator, Well
Lakes Lakes
Ice - Land Snow Field/Ice Field
Ice - Sea Pack Ice/Polar Ice/Ice Shelf
Misc Industry Points Processing Plant/Treatment Plant, Oil/Gas Facilities
Misc Pop Points Settlement, Building, Ruins, Native Settlement, Camp..
Misc Trans Lines Pier/Wharf/Quay, Aerial Cableway Lines/Ski Lift Line
Misc Water Lines Seawall, Dam/Weir
Misc Water Points Island, Spring/Water Hole, WaterFall, Dam/Weir, Rapids..
Native Settlements Native Settlement
Oceans Seas Water - NonInland
PipeLines Pipeline/Pipe
PlaceNames Points of Interest
PoliticalBoundaries Administrative Area
Power Plants Power Plant, Substation/Transformer Yard, Pumping Station
RailRoads Railroad
RailRoad Yards Railroad Yard/Marshalling Yard
Rivers River/Stream
Roads Primary and Secondary Routes
Sand Sand, Distorted Surface, Lava
Spot Elevations Spot and Inland Water Elevation
Storage Points Tank, Storage Depot, Water Tower
Swamps Marsh/Swamp, Bog
Trails Trail
Transportation Lines Bridge/Overpass/Viaduct, Tunnel, Ferry Crossing
Transportation Points Bridge/Overpass/Viaduct, Ferry Crossing
Trees Evergreen, Deciduous, Mixed Trees
Tundra Tundra
Utility Lines Power Transmission Line