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VMAP0 International Map Data

VMAP International Data
Scale: 1:1,000,000
Projection: UTM, Lat/Long, State Plane
Datum: WGS 84
Accuracy: Horizontal: 125-500m; Vertical: 0.5-2m (Mean Sea Level)
Format: SHP, TAB, DXF
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VMAP0 International Map Data

International Vector Data (VMAP0) covers the entire world seamlessly. VMAP0 is an updated and improved version of the National Imagery and Mapping Agency's (NIMA) Digital Chart of the World. The primary source for the database is the 1:1,000,000 scale Operational Navigation Chart (ONC) series co-produced by the military mapping authorities of Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States. VMAP Level 0 includes major road and rail networks, hydrologic drainage systems, utility networks (cross-country pipelines and communication lines), major airports, elevation and depth contours, coastlines, international boundaries, vegetation, populated places and more.

MapMart sells this Vector data in the following formats: MapInfo .TAB and ESRI Shape. Both data formats are Available for Immediate Download when purchased with a credit card with the data cut to your exact project area. The projection is Geographic (Lat/Long), WGS-84 with coordinates in decimal degrees.

* Data is often ready for download within 5-10 minutes depending on how densely populated your area is.

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VMAP0 Vector

Cost:0.02¢ per square mile - $50 minimum - $450 for complete world coverage.
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