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TIGER Line Files by County

TIGER data are a spatial database of roads, railroads, rivers, lakes, political boundaries, census statistical boundaries, etc. covering the entire United States. The data base contains information about feature location in latitude and longitude, name, type of feature, address ranges for most streets, and other related information. TIGER was developed at the Census Bureau to support the mapping and related geographic activities required by the census.

The source materials used in developing the TIGER data base are principally the 1:100,000 U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) topographic maps. The USGS digitized the roads, railroads, hydrographic features, and miscellaneous transportation feature layers. For the 2% of the land area covered by the major urban areas the Census Bureau substituted the GBF/DIME files. The resulting TIGER data base file is in turn updated by maps obtained from local officials and some field work done by Bureau staff.

Tiger data is available in the following formats:
  •  MapInfo - .TAB -- Latitude/Longitude projection NAD 83
  •  ArcView -SHAPE -- Latitude/Longitude projection NAD 83
  •  AutoCAD -upon request
TIGER data contains the following Layers:

  •      Hydrography - Rivers
  •      Miscellaneous transportation
  •      Railroads
  •      Streets and roads

Polygons and Points
  •      Alaskan Native Regional Corporations
  •      Block Groups
  •      Census Blocks
  •      Census Boundaries
  •      Census Tracts
  •      County
  •      County Census Divisions
  •      Current Congressional Districts
  •      Elementary School Districts
  •      Indian/Alaska native areas
  •      Hydrography - Lakes
  •      Key Geographic Locations
  •      Landmark polygons and points
  •      Secondary School Districts
  •      Traffic Analysis Zones
  •      Unified School Districts
  •      Urban Areas
  •      Voting Districts

Pricing Samples Coverage
Pricing - TIGER/Line Files
$25 per County - Available for immediate download upon credit card order - MapInfoand ArcView formats.
$50 per County - AutoCAD .DWG and other formats.


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