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Maponics Neighborhood Data

Maponics Neighborhood Data

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Maponics Vector Data

Maponics has hand-drawn neighborhood boundaries for over 185,000 neighborhoods in 70 countries around the world. In fact, it is the largest database ever compiled for neighborhood boundary definitions - and it is undergoing constant update and revision. Each neighborhood is built using data from multiple local sources to match reality on the ground. The data are aligned with the US Census Bureau TIGER data. The Maponics neighborhood boundary data offers:

• A uniform data structure for consistency across all Neighborhood products worldwide

• Four neighborhood layers that make it easy to filter neighborhoods based on type and application

• Continuing build-out of neighborhoods that matter

• A partner with a clear mission to provide high-quality map boundary databases

• The confidence you are working with the market leader

• Data that is considered the industry standard by web and mobile organizations across the globe

• The most current and accurate data with quarterly releases that also broaden and deepen geographic coverage

Maponics builds and defines geographic boundaries that are meaningful at the local level, such as neighborhood boundaries, ZIP Codes, and school attendance zones. Because locally relevant boundaries define where people spend their time and money, our products are critical for national companies looking to attract and retain new business. And now, with our new geospatial analytics product, Context™, customers get revolutionary insight into local character by syncing lifestyle and behavioral analytics to our GIS data products or customized polygons.

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