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DeLorme North America Vector Data

DeLorme North America Vector Data
Scale: 1:15,000
Projection: UTM, Lat/Long, State Plane
Datum: NAD 27, 83
Format: SHP, TAB, DXF
Date: Updated Annually

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Delorme North America Vector Data

DeLorme North America Data is the result of thirty years’ experience creating high-quality, detailed cartographic atlases, software, and GPS hardware to meet today’s digital map data needs. DeLorme North America Data Sets include a reference base map that can be combined with topographic, routing, and geocoding data sets to create a solid foundation for all GIS and mapping requirements.

Unparalleled Rural Coverage: Map detail is consistent nationwide and coverage in rural areas is unparalleled. DeLorme North America Data Sets have been marketplace tested by millions of consumer and professional customers within DeLorme commercial and professional products, including Street Atlas USA, Topo USA, the Atlas & Gazetteer series, and XMap GIS software.

North America Dataset Layers
Transportation Layers
  •    Roads - 7.1 million miles
    •    Toll road limited access; primary limited access; primary non-limited access; secondary, connecting; local, neighborhood, rural; unimproved road; ramps and exits.
    •    Airports, Runways; Ferry routes (passenger, auto).
    •    Railroads (active, abandoned).
  •    Hydro Layers
    •    Oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, intermittent water.
  •    Place names
  •    Urban Areas
  •    National, State/Province, County, City Boundaries
Topographic Layers
  •    Trails – 377,000 miles
  •    Gridded Elevation
    •    Contour lines, ridge lines, spot elevations.
  •    Hydro Layers
    •    Waterfalls, rapids, springs, wells.
  •    Land Use/Land Cover
    •    Forest, evergreen and mixed.
    •    Bare rock or sand.
    •    Ice or snowfields.
    •    Wetlands.
    •    Transitional area, lava, salt flats, or mixed barren.
  •    Public Lands
    •    US National Parks, National Forests.
    •    US State Parks, State Forests.
    •    Bureau of Land Management Land.
    •    Bureau of Mine Reclamation Land.
    •    Native American Reservation.
    •    Military Reservation.
  •    Infrastructure
    •    Power lines, pipelines, dams.
Routing Dataset
  •    Z-values.
  •    Arterial Classification Codes.
    •    Interstates; highways; state routes; major and minor connectors; local roads.
  •    Bridge heights for major roads.
  •    One-ways.
  •    Signage.
Geocoding Dataset
  • Addressing
    The US street data includes road names and address ranges for road line segments. Points of Interest are    positioned with latitude/longitude.
  • Points of Interest (POIs)
  • Over 500,000 Points of Interest covering municipal buildings, schools, landmarks, exit services, transportation, retail stores, cemeteries, bridges, dams, power lines, as well as unique outdoor recreation points including trail heads, campgrounds, hunting, fishing, boat ramps, etc.

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