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Collins World Digital Map Data - World Scene

World Digital Map Data - World Scene

Map data overview

Collins Bartholomew World Scene is a global digital map in raster format, consistent in scale, content and specification across the whole World. It is available in either lat/long or Mercator projections. This World raster map helps you to

  • Visualize the entire Earth in a consistent way.
  • Build applications which combine this World map with your own GI data.

Created by cartographers, World Scene gives you a World map of incredible accuracy and clarity. Optimized for use on-line, file size is minimized without compromising the quality of the image. World Scene is fully geo-referenced allowing you to use it as backdrop for your own location based data sets.


World reference style mapping of the entire earth in a single consistent image. Available in a choice of projections and in all the popular of raster data formats. These raster images are in either Geographic coordinates (longitude/latitude) or in Mercator projection.

Data Formats

The World Scene images come as GIF or TIFF files. The TIFF file comes with LZW compression.

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