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Collins World Digital Map Data - World Lite

World Digital Map Data - World Lite

Map data overview

Derived from the same base as World Premium, World Lite is a simple digital map of the World in vector format containing boundaries, capital cities, country names and relief contours only. This simple digital World map helps you to

  • Produce simple World political or physical maps using your desktop mapping or GIS software.
  • Create World, Continental or Regional scale backdrop maps on which to overlay your own information.
  • Include simple World scale overview maps in your GIS or Internet Mapping application.

World Lite again matches the high levels of accuracy, political rigor and vertical integrity found in World Premium and World Regular, while the clarity and simplicity of the structure and content make it exceptionally easy to deploy and use.

Data Layers
Layer Layer Type Description
AdmA Administrative polygon layer Polygons representing administrative areas.
AdmL Administrative linework layer Administrative boundaries. Contains all international boundaries. Also contains the coastline.
ContA Contour polygon layer Polygons representing height bands for map layer colouring. Height bands in metres.
ContL Contour linework layer Contour lines. Heights are in metres.
TwnP Towns point layer Towns, coded by status. Contains capital cities of all countries.