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LeadDog International Street Data

LeadDog International Street Data
Layers: Routing, Street Class, Street Name, Land Use, Water, POIs, Neighborhoods
Scale: 1:10,000
Projection: Lat/Long, UTM
Datum: WGS 84 or client specified
Accuracy: +/- 5 meters
Format: SHP, TAB
Availability: Various countries, see coverage map below

Email: MapMartInformation@harris.com
or call 303-759-5050 Option 3

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LeadDog Consulting creates some of the most unique and detailed street level data for a large number of world cities. Each city adheres to a standard specification and possesses unrivaled detail and attributes. Coverage is available in places that other groups have yet to venture. Please let us know the cities you have been unable to find and there is a good likelihood that we can provide it from the LeadDog data set.

MapMart sells this Vector data in the following formats: MapInfo .TAB and ESRI Shape. Both data formats are available for download within 3 weeks of ordering under normal circumstances. Data may also be written to CD, DVD or external Hard-Drive and shipped to you. The native projection is Geographic (Lat/Long), WGS-84 with coordinates in decimal degrees.

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Cost: Dependent upon Country, Navigability, Number of Users and Intended Usage.

Media: Download via FTP or written to CD or DVD ($10 per CD, $25 per DVD).