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Anywhere in the world that a satellite can collect stereo imagery, MapMart can create accurate and detailed elevation and contour data. These data are not available of-the-shelf anywhere in the world so MapMart has developed the methodology to create it quickly and with unrivaled quality.

A satellite task for stereo coverage often takes 2-4 months to successfully complete, possibly longer in heavily clouded areas. Once the imagery is captured, MapMart quickly, accurately and photogrammetrically creates the surface data from the stereo imagery. MapMart then edits out and removes the vegetation and man-made structures from the model to deliver a true bare earth product.

Once the bare earth model is complete, MapMart then creates the tightest contour interval allowed by terrain. 1 meter and 2 meter intervals are possible for many areas.

To further improve the data accuracy, MapMart can arrange custom ground control surveys in areas where sub-meter or even centimeter accuracy is vital. Also for the ground control, we have access to an archive of worldwide GCPs to save on cost if they are found to be suitable for the project. Client-supplied survey data is always welcome as well.

There are a large number of high-resolution satellites currently in orbit with several more state-of-the-art birds set to launch from now until 2014, all with stereo capability. MapMart is partnered with and can arrange tasks on any of these satellites. The increasing number of satellites will only benefit projects of this type as it will speed imagery acquisition as well as grow the stereo archives. MapMart currently has access to the full archive of imagery for all of these satellites and can utilize less expensive archive if it is found to be suitable for the project.

Please submit the area you are interested in or feel free to contact us with questions.

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