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WorldDEM 12 m from Airbus Defense and Space

12 m DSM & DTM from Airbus Defense and Space
DEM Resolution: 12 meter post spacing
Projection: UTM / Geographic
Datum: WGS 84
Format: GeoTIFF and others
Dates: 2011 - present

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Airbus WorldDem 12 Meter Elevation Data

Airbus Defense and Space’s WorldDEM™ provides a global (pole-to-pole) dataset of unprecedented quality, accuracy and coverage. The entire land surface of the earth has been captured by high-resolution radar to map the entire planet consistently, accurately, and completely providing the first standardized worldwide Digital Elevation Model. This includes remote, inaccessible and perpetually cloudy areas. The X-band radar collection method is independent of light and weather so every single place on earth is covered.

To help users take advantage of the highly precise elevation information, initially three core products will be available:

Airbus WorldDem Core

WorldDEM core is an unedited Digital Surface Model (DSM) without any further post-processing or editing. This product usually contains radar and processing artifacts and voids.

Airbus WorldDem

WorldDEM is an edited Digital Surface Model with assured hydrological consistency (i.e. flattening of water bodies, consistent flow of rivers, editing of shoreline). This product is ideal for many projects including defense and security missions and oil & gas applications.
Airbus WorldDem DTM

Digital Terrain Model (DTM) represents the bare Earth terrain when vegetation and man-made objects are removed.This product is ideal for mapping, hydrological modelling or terrain analysis.

While these three products represent the initial WorldDEM™ product offering, Airbus Defense and Space is also able to provide an expanded portfolio of additional products based on the WorldDEM™ data, including Global Ocean Shorelines, Waterbody Maps, and Global Airport / Harbor Maps.

*Note: The delivery time for the WorldDEM Core product is currently 4 weeks and the WorldDEM edited product is 6-8 weeks.

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