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Harris SRTM-90 Gap Filled DEMs

Harris SRTM-90 Gap Filled

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Harris SRTM 90 Gap Filled DEM

The Harris ImageLinks 3 arc second (approximately 90m) void filled SRTM elevation data set is composed of 14277 one degree by one degree DTED “cells” covering approximately 80% of the earth’s landmass between 60 degrees North and 56 degrees South latitudes.

  • Large SRTM voids were filled with 1km GTOPO while small srtm voids were interpolated.
  • Filled voids common to multiple tiles were edge matched to ensure continuity.
  • Horizontal and vertical accuracies match source SRTM except in void filled or interpolated regions.
  • 3 arc second post spacing (approximately 90m).
  • Longitude/Latitude lower left naming convention ie:e104n12.dt1.
  • Total dataset size is approximately 36 GB (DTED format (not structure).

Pricing Samples Coverage
Product Resolution Cost Notes
Void filled SRTM-90 3" or 90 Meters 0-1k sq. km - $0.060*
1,001-5k sq. km - $0.050*
5,001-10k sq. km - $0.040 *
10,001-500k sq. km - $0.030 *
500,001 + sq. km - custom price * - per sq. km
57° south latitude to 61° north latitude
Pixel & Code by Harris MapMart