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SPOT DEM 20 m from Airbus Defense and Space

SPOT 20 m DEM from Airbus Defense and Space
DEM Resolution: 20 meter post spacing
Projection: UTM
Datum: WGS 84
Format: GeoTIFF
Dates: 2002 - present

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Airbus SPOT DEM Data

A SPOT DEM is a digital elevation model produced by automatic correlation of stereopairs acquired by the High Resolution Stereoscopy (HRS) instrument on SPOT 5. Unlike a digital terrain model (DTM), which describes the distribution of terrain or "bare earth" heights, a DEM includes "first surface" elevations with vegetation and man-made structures. A SPOT DEM has a post spacing of one arc second or 20 meters.

With more than 100 million square kilometers already covered across 2/3 of the globe's land surfaces, SPOT DEM is the ideal solution to ensure rigorous registration of all your data.

SPOT DEMs significantly improve registration of data layers in digital mapping. They also are therefore widely used in geographic information systems (GIS) for land management and terrain modelling. Applications include: impact studies, rail and road infrastructure studies, mobile telecommunications engineering, structural geology surveys, oil exploration, erosion studies, mapping, flight simulation. A SPOTView Ortho can be draped over a SPOT DEM for a more realistic 3D view of terrain, which helps multidisciplinary teams to work more closely together.

  • Easy to use cartographic or geographic projection
  • Priced per square km. and framed to match your exact region of interest
  • Quick turnaround of 2 weeks for areas < 20,000 square km.
Absolute accuracy Area covered
reference 3D
Area of
100,000 to
150,000 Sq. Km.
< 7,200 Sq. Km.
Horizontal <= 15 M <= 15 M <= 30 M
Vertical (slope < 20%) <= 10 M <= 10 M <= 20 M
Values guaranteed with 90% confidence.

Note: The delivery time on existing data is 2 weeks for the existing data and 6-8 weeks for data that needs to be created.

Pricing Samples Coverage

Prices are subject to bulk discounts and a few other parameters. Please submit your area online,call (303) 759-5050 x 2, or email for details.

SPOT DEM Coverage Map

Airbus Spot DEM Coverage
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