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NEXTMap World 10 DEM Data from Intermap

NEXTMap World 10 meter DSM Data from Intermap Technologies
Resolution: 10 meter
Projection: UTM, Geographic
Datum: WGS 84
Format: GeoTIFF, DEM, others
Dates: 2001 - present

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Intermap NEXTMap World 10 Meter DEM

The Intermap NEXTMap World 10 digital elevation model provides seamless, best-in-class data to offer both a digital surface model and, at long last, a digital terrain model for the entire world. With a 10-meter ground sampling distance (GSD), World 10 allows for demanding geospatial analyses anywhere in the world, and it represents Intermap’s most accurate global product ever.

With Intermap’s patentpending Frequency Fusion process, World 10 has dramatically increased spatial density on a global scale. This allows users to orthorectify higher resolution photos and see more in the DEMs than ever before, enabling improved land planning strategy, better resource management, and the ability to take regionally-based engineering projects to the next level.

See what you have been missing as roads and dried river beds that cannot be seen in other digital elevation products — including SRTM90, SRTM30, and others — suddenly appear:


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The pricing for the World 10 Data varies based on specifications. Please submit your area to our team either online or at Email: for a price quotation.

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