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Intermap's 5 Meter DEMs

Intermap NEXTMap's 5M DSM and DTM 
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Resolution: 5 meter
Horizontal accuracy: 2 meter
Vertical accuracy: 1 meter
Projection: UTM, Lat/Long, State Plane
Datum: NAD 27, 83, WGS 84
Format: Various
Dates: 2004 - present

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Purchase Intermap 5 Meter DEM Data at Harris MapMart

Intermap 5 Meter DEM Data at Harris MapMart

MapMart offers three different kinds of geospatial datasets from Intermap.
  • Digital Surface Model (DSM) is a first surface view of the earth containing both location and elevation information
  • Digital Terrain Model (DTM), or "bald earth" in which it is often referred, is created by digitally removing all of the cultural features inherent to a DSM by exposing the underlying terrain
  • Orthorectified Radar Image (ORI) is a grayscale image of the earth's surface that looks very similar to a monochromatic aerial photograph. However, ORIs are able to accentuate features far more than it is possible with traditional aerial photography
Product Pixel Size (m) Horizontal AccuracyRMSE (m) Vertical AccuracyRMSE (m)
DSM 5.0 2.0 1.0
DTM 5.0 2.0 1.0
ORI 1.25 2.0 -

DSM, DTM, and ORI Applications: These products can be used directly in numerous GIS applications. Some examples of this are:

  • Image orthorectification
  • Base mapping
  • Flood modeling/watershed analysis
  • Location-based systems
  • Three-dimensional visualization
  • Topographic mapping
  • Vehicle navigation/intelligent vehicle systems
  • Flight simulation/in-cockpit situational awareness
  • Precision farming/forestry

Pricing Samples Coverage
NEXTMap - Pricing for the NEXTMap USA or the NEXTMap European data normally has a $500 USD minimum order. Streaming services are available as well priced per user and per month with a six month commitment.

Intermap DEM data is also available in other parts of the world. Please contact us for availability and pricing.

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