HIDEM Elevation | Harris MapMart

1-2 meter contours anywhere on Earth

MapMart has the ability to create elevation data up to 1 meter resolution and contour data with up to 1 meter intervals for nearly any site on planet Earth. The creation of these data sets is custom and does take some time but results in the highest quality, remotely created data possible.

The components to create the HIDEM elevation and contour data are:
  • High Resolution Sub-meter Stereo Satellite Imagery
  • Surveyed Ground Control Points (optional)
MapMart has the ability to arrange acquisition of both of these if necessary.

From these MapMart can deliver:

  • Up to 1 meter Contours (depending upon terrain)
  • Up to 1 meter Digital Surface Models (DSM representing the top-most surface)
  • Up to 5 meter Digital Terrain Models (DTM - the bare Earth with all vegetation and man-made structure edited out of the data)


Please feel free to submit the required site and we will let you know the options as soon as we can.

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