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Elevation Data from Airbus Defense and Space

Elevation DSM/DTM Data from Airbus Defense and Space
Resolution: 1 meter, 4 meter, 8 meter, 10 meter, 30 meter
Projection: UTM, Geographic
Datum: WGS 84
Format: GeoTIFF, DEM, Others
Dates: 2010 - present

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Airbus Digital Elevation Data

Airbus Defense and Space Elevation products provide reliable and customized elevation modeling independent of relief characteristics and weather conditions. The models are available tailored to your area of interest starting at a minimum of 500 square kilometers, and up to full regional or even national coverage.

The Digital Surface Model (DSM) includes “first surface” elevations (e.g. vegetation and man-made structures) and can be processed into Digital Terrain Models (DTM), that represent the bare earth elevation (vegetation and man-made objects removed).

Key Benefits
  • Based on HRE Lv1 (DTED level 3) standards
  • Regional coverage available from a minimum of 500 sq km
  • Specifications adaptable to customer requirements
  • Ideal for mapping applications, civil engineering, oil & gas exploration and development, flood risk modeling and emergency response
The Elevation 1 and 4 Product are created from stereo imagery captured by the Pléiades satellites. Elevation 8 is created using data collected using SPOT 6 & SPOT 7. Elevation10 products are based on StripMap stereo pairs (data covering the same area acquired in both ascending and descending orbit directions) acquired by the high-resolution radar satellite TerraSAR-X and processed applying radargrammetry techniques. Elevation 30 is derived from SPOT 1-5 sensor information.

As TerraSAR-X features a unique positional accuracy (less than 20 cm), and operates independent of weather conditions and sunlight, the derivation of height information relies on exceptionally solid input data.

Thanks to flexible delivery options customers can adapt the scope of delivery to individual needs by choosing to add a set of quality layers and/or a corresponding orthorectified image (ORI) of the TerraSAR-X StripMap input data.

Pricing Samples Coverage
Several factors affect the pricing of the Elevation 10 data. Please feel free to submit your area of interest to us online, via email or by other means and we will deliver the price quotation to you as soon as we can.
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