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Demographic Data

MapMart offers the latest US demographic data, including 2010 Census updates, created and maintained by EASI Demographics and formatted for use in ESRI, MapInfo, and Excel among others. The United States demographic data can be obtained by custom areas, zip codes, counties or full states. Any attributes or figures that a person requires that are not currently available, can often be obtained or created.  Please feel free to inquire.

EASI Demographic Software + Data Solutions New

EASI Analytic Software Inc.TM and MapMart TM provide three Desktop Software products for demographics/census analysis of any place in the United States. We pride ourselves on having the most accurate data, combined with highly intuitive software and the best service in the industry.

The Right Site® Software has easy to interpret standard demographics, site analyses (3-ring reports), trend reports (Census, current, and five-year projection), demographic profiles (clusters), sales and store potential analysis, and retail store sales. Our software also has unique query, search, and analysis tools. We provide targeted demographic data, site analysis, and general reference software that is easy to use.

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